Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Mammoth Hospital Cares

With our mission to provide excellent, compassionate health care services for our residents and visitors, it’s a great honor to hear that we are making a difference in the lives of our patients.

We pride ourselves on improving the health of our community and visiting population, and with that pride we would like to share with you a few stories and testimonials from the folks we serve.

See what our patients are saying about us in the videos below.


Many people’s lives – those of patients, family members, and visitors – have been touched by someone at this organization. Please use Patient Stories to share some of the heartwarming situations you’ve witnessed or experienced yourself so we may:

• Thank and recognize employees who go the extra mile
• Keep a historical record of the great acts that occur throughout our health care organization and our community
• Provide material for our reward and recognition programs and internal publications
• Share the personal experiences of our patients to help others understand the expectations associated with our services, care and programs.

By submitting a story, you agree we may contact you for more information, if necessary. Your e-mail address and other contact information will be kept private and will not be sold, nor will you be placed on any mailing list.

We’d be honored if you’d share your story with us.


Tom Parker,
Mammoth Hospital CEO

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