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Mammoth Hospital gladly accepts all major private insurance plans as well as Medicare, Medi-Cal and a number of other government programs.

If you have insurance, we will file your insurance claim for you if we are provided with complete and accurate information.  Please remember that you are liable for policy deductibles, co-payments, co-insurance and charges not covered by your insurer.

Prior authorization is required by most insurance companies for many medical services. If you have any questions or concerns with regard to insurance coverage, please consult an admission representative.

As a reminder, we bill for:

  • Mammoth Hospital
  • All Mammoth Hospital Clinics
  • Emergency department physicians
  • Hospital-based pathologists, radiologists, and anesthesiologists

Outside service providers, Mono County paramedics, and outside reference laboratories will bill you separately for their services.

Financial Assistance Policy – Plain Language Summary

Financial Assistance Offered

Mammoth Hospital —offers financial assistance through its Financial Assistance Policy to patients unable to pay for emergency or medically necessary care.

Eligibility Requirements and Assistance Offered

Eligibility for financial assistance is based on multiple factors, including the nature of the condition and care required, insurance coverage or other sources of payment, income (Federal Poverty Level guidelines used to determine the amount of financial assistance offered), family size, assets, and any special consideration the patient or physician would like to have considered.

Financial assistance is offered to patients who are uninsured and underinsured. Partial or full financial assistance will be granted based on a patient’s ability to pay the billed charges.

Patients must fully comply with the application process, including submitting tax returns, bank statements and pay stubs, as well as completing the application process for all available sources of assistance, including governmental programs or through Covered California.

How to Apply for Assistance

The patient or any person involved in the care of the patient, including a family member or provider, can express financial concerns at any point during the patient’s care. The patient or responsible party will then be encouraged to complete a financial assistance application.

Financial assistance is available for medical care provided at a Mammoth Hospital and Physician Clinics (see policy for details). Mammoth Hospital will uphold the confidentiality and dignity of each patient, and any information submitted for consideration of financial assistance will be treated as protected health information under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Where to Obtain Copies

Mammoth Hospital Financial Assistance Policy and Application are available by calling Patient Financial Services at (760) 924-4148 or 1-800-753-0414 and requesting a copy by mail or email. The policy and application are also available at for downloading and printing. Copies of the policy and application are also available at Admissions and Patient Financial Service areas at Mammoth Hospital.  English and Spanish translations are available at all locations.

The policy and application are also available here for downloading and printing.

Click Here For:

Financial Assistance Application – English

Financial Assistance Application – Spanish 

Financial Assistance Policy – Plain Language Summary – English

Financial Assistance Policy – Plain Language Summary – Spanish

Financial Assistance Policy – English

Financial Assistance Policy – Spanish

Provider Professional Fees for Hospital Service – English

Patient Billing and Collection Policy – English

Patient Billing and Collection Policy – Spanish

Contact for Information and Assistance

Additional information about the Financial Assistance Policy and assistance with the application process can be obtained from our Patient Financial Counselor:

  • You may contact them at (760) 924-4148 or 1-800-753-0414 or by visiting a Patient Financial Counselor at Mammoth Hospital.

The Health Consumer Alliance (HCA) offers free assistance to help people who are struggling to get or maintain health coverage and resolve problems with health plans at

No More Than Amount Generally Billed (AGB)

A patient determined to be eligible for financial assistance may not be charged more than amounts generally billed for emergency or other medically necessary care to patients who have insurance for such care.

Price Transparency

Welcome to Mammoth Hospital Price Transparency.

Federal law requires Mammoth hospital to make public a list of standard charges for the items and services we provide. This list must include gross charges, payer-specific negotiated charges, the minimum and maximum negotiated charge and the cash discount price for all items and services and services packages.

Please note that standard charges shown do not necessarily reflect the amount that a patient will pay for the services rendered. Actual cost to the insurer and/or patient, as well as the out-of-pocket amount for which a patient will be directly responsible, are determined by several factors not in the exclusive control of Mammoth Hospital.

We understand that health care costs, billing and insurance can be confusing. To obtain the most accurate estimate of patient out of pocket costs, it is strongly recommended that patients contact your insurer to request an estimate. We are available to address patient questions at 760-934-1832. To obtain the most accurate estimate possible, the patient’s insurance information, if any, as well as a detailed description of the requested service (physician order preferred) are necessary.

By accessing the list at the below link, I hereby acknowledge that I have read and am aware of the above information and recognize that this list cannot be used as a single source for determining actual cost to any payer, including insurers, employers, or patient out-of-pocket responsibility.

Chargemaster Link

Patient Price Estimator

Click here for our Patient Price Estimator.

Billing Services

For more information on Medi-Cal Insurance, call Mono County Social Services at

(760) 924-1770 or Medi-Cal Insurance at (888) 747-1222.


To reach our Patient Accounts Department, please call (760) 924-4148.