Performance Lab

Mammoth Performance Lab

The Mammoth Performance Lab specializes in physiological testing and analysis for athletes of all fitness levels, along with sub-maximal exercise testing and wellness programming for the general community. Individualized test results are used to develop comprehensive training programs to improve one’s fitness, well-being, health, quality of life, and athletic endurance performance.

Performance Training and Performance

Athletes turn to altitude training for that “extra edge” in endurance performance. The Mammoth Performance Lab helps athletes develop the most efficient altitude training programs possible by offering:

As a result, athletes are able to train smarter at altitude and make the most of their time in the Eastern Sierra. Resident athletes benefit from testing as well, by maximizing their training program design.

Why is exercise more difficult than at sea level?

  • There is an immediate drop in VO2max as one ascends to altitude. The drop becomes exponential the higher one ascends. This change requires an increased effort to maintain any given percentage of absolute sea-level workload.
  • There is an acute drop in Lactate Threshold, potentially leading to an earlier onset of muscular fatigue resulting in cessation of exercise
  • There is an immediate increase in heart rate and ventilatory rate

Due to these immediate and drastic physiological changes that occur at altitude, athletes often return home detrained due to a lack of appropriate, individualized training. Testing as soon as possible upon arrival to altitude can help determine the best altitude training protocol for your sport. Based upon your individual physiological response to altitude, an altitude-specific training program will maximize your training time and provide the most benefit for your time in Mammoth Lakes.