Hospitalist Services

Hospitalist Services

hospitalist services
What, exactly, is a hospitalist? At Mammoth Hospital, we have physician staff members trained in the specialty of internal medicine, whose primary focus is caring for adult patients who are hospitalized with acute or active medical diseases. These diseases typically involve one or more major organ systems, such as cardiovascular (heart and circulation), respiratory (lungs), gastrointestinal (stomach and intestines), urinary (kidneys and bladder), and neurologic (brain and nervous systems). Sometimes, this is the primary problem a patient may have, and is the reason for admission to the hospital. Other times, another specialist may ask for help from a hospitalist to help manage coexisting medical conditions.

Mammoth Hospital is a contracted provider with Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and many other major insurance companies. Mammoth Hospital is also a participant in Medicare, Medi-Cal, and a number of other government programs.

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