Birthing Center

Birthing Center

Please note, our Birthing Center is temporarily closed. We are working with Northern Inyo Hospital to help maintain continuity of care with our expecting mothers. Please contact our Women’s Health department at (760) 924-4102 regarding any questions you have regarding our obstetric or gynecological services at this time.

The Mammoth Hospital Birthing Center is a 38,000-square-foot, three-bed labor and delivery unit that averages 100 deliveries each year. Our facilities feature a locked private area for baby safety, and offer full-time anesthesia, obstetrics, and gynecology services. There are also pediatricians attending all caesarian sections and high risk births.

Grateful patient, Wendy Galvan talks about having her first baby at Mammoth Hospital. Watch her video below:

Mammoth Hospital Birthing Center

Mammoth Hospital’s Perinatal Birthing Center practices and promotes exclusive breastfeeding as it is the optimal feeding method for newborns. Hospital policy and nursing practice supports exclusive breastfeeding unless medically contraindicated. Breastfeeding mothers are not offered discharge bags containing infant formula or formula-company advertisements. Clinicians and all staff providing care in maternal-newborn services are provided education on lactation management and breastfeeding promotion to ensure that correct, current, and consistent information is provided to all mothers who decide to breastfeed.

For emergencies after hours, please visit our Emergency Department.

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