Rhiannon’s Kids

Rhiannon’s Kids


Rhiannon’s Kids is a fund to help ensure that children receive specialized medical and dental care when it cannot be provided locally. We do this by providing financial support to local families. Specifically, the fund offers reimbursement for costs not covered through health insurance – travel, lodging, and food expenses – incurred while seeking treatment outside Mono County.

To qualify, patients must be approved by a Mammoth Hospital pediatrician who deems their out-of-area care a necessity. In addition, qualifying patients must be pediatric patients regularly served by Mammoth Hospital. Assistance is accessible by providing itemized receipts along with a program application, obtainable in the Mammoth Hospital Pediatrics office.

Program Funding

Rhiannon’s Kids is funded entirely by generous donations from individuals and businesses. We aim to offer financial support to all pediatric patients in need.

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Rhiannon’s Story

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Rhiannon Lynn Taylor was born at Mammoth Hospital in the fall of 2009. She was diagnosed at birth with a terminal genetic disorder, Trisomy 18 and transported to the neonatal intensive care unit at Renown Hospital in Reno. Rhiannon lived 138 days before dying from congestive heart failure, a complication of Trisomy 18.

The Taylor family began Rhiannon’s Kids fund after living through the challenges – emotionally, spiritually, and financially – that having a child with a chronic condition involves. They started the fund to honor the brief, but precious, life of their daughter Rhiannon and to help aid other families in similar circumstances.

Program Application

If your child is a pediatric patient of Mammoth Hospital and they require specialty care not available locally, you may be eligible for financial assistance for travel costs associated with seeking that care.  

To apply, print and complete the application here and have your Mammoth Hospital pediatrician sign it before you leave to seek out-of-area specialty care.  Return completed forms to rhiannonskids@yahoo.com or call Gardiner Miller at the Mammoth Hospital Foundation: (760) 924-4128.