Mammoth Hospital Foundation

Photo by Loren Samuel

The Mammoth Hospital Foundation is a separate 501(c)(3) corporation created to bridge the gap between what resources Mammoth Hospital has to ensure the health of our residents and guests, and what resources it needs.  We are stewards of the Hospital and its mission.  100% of donations made to the Foundation go to the current campaigns/causes.  All operational costs are paid for by the Hospital.

  Our long term objectives with funds raised through the Foundation include but are not limited to the following:

  • Develop Facilities: Enable the expansion, renovation, and improvement
     of facilities in order to meet the requirements of state and federal regulations, a growing patient population, and advances in care.
  • Purchase Equipment: Facilitate the purchase of state-of-the-art medical equipment ensuring that residents and guests of Mono County can access top medical care without the financial burden of traveling to other cities.
  • Support Community Health: Fund programs, education, and outreach that enhance the health and wellbeing of our community.
  • Provide Training: Aid Mammoth Hospital health care professionals with training, education, and other programs required to excel in their role and improve the functioning of the Hospital as an organization.

At the Mammoth Hospital Foundation our vision with these objectives is to enable the mission of Mammoth Hospital, “to promote the wellbeing and improve the health of our residents and guests” and secure its future. 

Foremost, this means that the Hospital is never at risk of closing its doors.  The Foundation works to safeguard the Hospital as a resource protected for generations to come.  This includes aiding the Hospital financially with strategic projects so that it can flourish despite pressures of any kind, ensuring that all patients receive the same excellent care regardless of their health insurance or ability to pay.

Second, we aim to uphold the Hospital’s “patients first” philosophy.  Beyond ensuring the Hospital is able keep pace with the shift to outcome-based care, we aim to bolster the Hospital so that it can successfully manage the health of patients as well as the population.  Excellent, cohesive patient care, whether at the individual level or the population level, is an expensive endeavor.  It takes teams of highly-skilled professionals, advanced technology, and a well-integrated organization to successfully transform care

Third, we aspire to facilitate the ongoing advancement of Mammoth Hospital with the goal of the Hospital becoming a choice destination for care in needed specialties.  A decision to live or vacation in Mammoth, should not preclude anyone from having access to top care.   When Mammoth’s residents or guests are hurt, sick, or facing any health care decision, our ambition is to provide them with the relief and security knowing that the best physicians, nurses, facilities, and medical technology are at their doorstep. 


For questions or other inquiries, please contact the Mammoth Hospital Foundation at (760) 924-4128.