CT Scanner

CT Scanner Campaign: Ensuring Patient Safety with State-of-the-Art CT Scanner


Mammoth Hospital’s primary focus is providing the highest quality healthcare for our patients. With the purchase of the state-of-the-art Canon Aquilion CT scanner, we can ensure we are able to maintain advanced, local medical care for everyone in our rural area. 

What Is The Need?

The CT, or Computed Tomography scanner, is at the core of the Emergency Room’s diagnosis tool belt. By imaging the patient’s body into thin slices, a CT allows a physician to see damage to tissue, pathology, or identify the source of unknown pain or injury quickly and accurately. The correct diagnosis may mean saving the life of the patient.

Mammoth Hospital’s current CT is near the end of its life and will be obsolete in December 2025. Acquiring the Canon Aquilion CT will greatly enhance our speed and accuracy in emergency care and provide extremely high-quality imaging, eliminating the need to travel out of Mammoth Lakes for this service.



The CT scanner is unquestionably the most important resource to Mammoth Hospital outside of our physicians and staff.” – Kyle Howell, MD

Real Impact:

This CT will ensure that:

  • Trauma patients can be quickly diagnosed and treated to save their lives.
  • Fatal conditions such as aortic aneurysm can be identified and monitored.
  • Mysterious abdomen and pelvic pain can be quickly identified
  • CT angiography studies, showing head injuries and strokes, will be in front of our radiologist for interpretation 20-30 minutes faster.
  • Kidney stone and appendicitis patients can be quickly diagnosed and treated.
  • Cancer patients will be diagnosed with their cancer stage, informing their treatment.
  • This CT can perform calcium score tests alerting patients to the danger of heart disease.
  • Lung disease patients can be screened with a high-resolution chest CT, and patients with lung clots can be quickly and non-invasively diagnosed.

How You Can Help:

The new CT project is expected to cost $1.2 million. The machine itself costs approximately $700,000, for which we are seeking our community’s support. Your gift of any size can be instrumental in saving your own life, the life of a loved one, or a fellow community member.

Canon Aquilion CT