Athletic Training Program

Mammoth Hospital’s Athletic Training Program

Watch this short video to see our athletic trainers in action!

In 2013, realizing the need to protect and care for our young athletes, Mammoth Hospital began a partnership with Mammoth High School and the Mammoth Mountain Ski and Snowboard Teams through which the hospital donates the services of certified athletic trainers to better the health and safety of the athletes. Our athletic trainers are there to serve all of the high school sports as well as the Mammoth Mountain Teams by providing on-site emergency care – assessing, treating, and rehabilitating injuries, and providing education on topics such as proper warm up, injury prevention, nutrition, and concussions.

In December, 2016 Mammoth High School received the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Safe Sports School Award in partnership with Mammoth Hospital’s Athletic Training Program. Read more about this coveted award here.

Our athletic trainers work in collaboration with Mammoth Hospital’s physicians, nurses, EMT’s, and physical therapists. With a dedicated team approach, we can and will reduce injury, prevent catastrophic outcomes and allow our young athletes to enjoy the academic and athletic benefits that come from sports participation. It is our goal to prevent as many injuries as we treat and to keep these athletes in the game and doing what they love.

What Do Athletic Trainers Do?

Athletic trainers have extensive education in musculoskeletal anatomy and biomechanics. They are able to design programs to aid in the prevention of injury.
Clinical Evaluation & Assessment
Athletic trainers are proficient in identifying anatomical structures, understanding injury mechanisms, and utilizing special tests for injury evaluation. They are able to use this information collectively to assess injuries and then refer to specialists as needed.
Immediate & Emergency Care
Athletic trainers are trained in CPR, AED use, and first aid, including spine boarding, splinting, and wound care. Athletic trainers also are often responsible for outlining emergency action plans, ensuring the most expedient care possible for injured athletes.
Treatment & Rehabilitation
Athletic trainers are educated in creating and implementing rehabilitation programs to help keep people active and healthy. They are also able to utilize a variety of modalities, including manual therapies and different taping techniques, to improve patient care.
Organization and Professional Health & Well Being
Athletic trainers are subject to extensive continuing education requirements for recertification, including a requirement for evidence-based medicine.

A few more things you may not know about athletic trainers:

Athletic Training at Mammoth Hospital

  • Athletic trainers must graduate from an accredited baccalaureate or master’s program; 70% of athletic trainers hold master’s degrees. Some athletic trainers continue on to pursue doctorates.
  • Athletic trainers are employed in a variety of settings including professional and collegiate athletics, secondary schools, hospitals, military, and industrial/corporate offices. Here at Mammoth Hospital, athletic trainers are employed in the role of clinic assistant/physician extender. Additionally, athletic training services are provided both to Mammoth High School and to the Mammoth Mountain Ski & Snowboard Teams.
  • Athletic trainers, despite the title, are able to provide medical services to a wide variety of people – not just athletes. Athletic trainers also do not train people like personal trainers do. In other countries, a similar profession would be an athletic therapist or a physiotherapist.

In order for this program to continue to provide the best possible care for student athletes, we need your financial assistance. Donations received will go towards Mammoth High School becoming a “Safe Sports School”. Safe Sports Schools are nationally recognized schools that meet the highest standards of safety and emergency preparedness.

Help us to provide a safe environment that will allow our kids to perform at their best! We need your support to continue providing this vital service to the community. Please consider making a financial contribution by clicking on the link below.

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