Interventional Radiology – Precisely Targeted Therapy

Interventional Radiology

By Donald S. Harrell, MD

The field of Interventional Radiology has been in existence for a long time. You may have heard of angioplasty. It certainly has its roots intertwined with this procedure. However, today it is so much more and encompasses access to almost every organ system in the body.

Its basic premise is that doctors trained in Interventional Radiology can treat a multitude medical conditions that had previously required surgery. The procedures are performed through small holes in the skin, hence they are minimally invasive.

As imaging technology has advanced so has the breadth of interventional radiology procedures. The Interventional Radiologist utilizes fluoroscopy (real time x-ray), digital subtraction radiography, ultrasound and CAT scans to “see” inside your body. They are able to treat conditions with more precision, less invasively and reduced complications and hospital stays.

Today’s Interventional Radiologists are at the forefront of modern medicine and clinical advances in the use of image guided technologies. Their training consists of residency and fellowship leading to dual board certification in Radiology and Interventional Radiology.

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