Taking Charge of Your Care With Our Patient Portal

Electronic Health Record

On October 16, 2017, Mammoth Hospital replaced multiple outdated electronic health records with a brand new system-wide electronic health record, Cerner Community Works. This system is used in every department in the hospital, from the Emergency Room to the Clinics to the Inpatient Ward to the Operating Room to the Lab to the Radiology Department. What this means is that your health record is no longer split up between the older systems. Instead, it is contained in just one system. So when you go to a clinic appointment after having been seen in the Emergency Room one week earlier, your doctor has access not only to the record of that visit, but to every visit you have had in the Mammoth Hospital health system. This makes it much easier to take into account all of the aspects of your medical condition, and make a more comprehensive plan of how to best care for you.

Something else that is new since our go-live date in October is our patient portal. By signing up for the portal, you will have instant access to your medical record, including clinic visit summaries, lab results, x-ray results, your medication list, and your medical problem list. Additionally, you can send messages to your provider, request refills of your medications, and request appointments. If that were not enough, there is a HUGE medical library included in the portal, where you can find resources on virtually every medical condition, watch instructional videos, or learn how a knee replacement is performed. It’s like having a doctor on call to answer all of your medical questions with a click of a button! And with the phone app you can download on your smartphone, your record is portable, and goes where you go.  Whether you are in your living room or halfway around the world, your entire health record is right at your fingertips!

Signing up for the patient portal is easy. Just ask your provider or any of the hospital staff about enrollment and you will then receive an invitation via email to register. The registration process is very quick, and one of our staff members may be able to walk you through it at the time of your clinic appointment, an ER visit, a hospital stay, or prior to a surgical procedure. Once you are signed up, go to our patient portal page here. Log onto the patient portal via your computer, and download the patient portal app for instant access with your phone.

Our new EMR and patient portal creates better access to all of your healthcare information, and puts you in charge of your own care.  With this level of shared information, you will add years to your life, and life to your years!


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