Rusty Gregory and Mammoth Resorts Give Major Gift to Support Cancer Screening

Mammoth Mountain Donation
“Breast cancer screening through mammography is critical for early detection and life-saving treatment,” according to Dr. Yuri Parisky, Chief of Staff at Mammoth Hospital, and leading expert in the field of breast cancer. “There is no substitute. Over the past 10 years, we have provided digital mammography for all patients in the Eastern Sierra regardless of ability to pay and successfully detected numerous cases of early breast tumors that have led to successful treatment,” said Parisky. “When Mr. Gregory learned that the Mammoth Hospital Foundation wanted to support us in upgrading to the latest 3D Tomosynthesis technology, he was first in line to volunteer financial support. We are extremely grateful for his leadership and generosity and that of Mammoth Resorts.”

Talene Shabanian, Mammoth Hospital Foundation Coordinator explains, “Rusty teamed up with Mammoth Resorts to make this combined lead gift of $50,000 to match the donations of other donors. This has given us a great leap forward to meet our goal of raising $350,000 to acquire the new 3D equipment. Their leadership is bringing other donors forward who are stretching their gifts with the matching funds and providing even greater energy to our fundraising efforts.”

“At our core Mammoth is about people and Mammoth Hospital is pivotal in protecting and caring for all of our community’s well-being,” said Mark Brownlie, COO of Mammoth Resorts. “Whether you are a day visitor, or a long time resident Mammoth Hospital provides a world class environment to care for all of our needs. We are proud to partner with Mammoth Hospital on this important project and encourage all of Mammoth’s people to contribute in any way to support this life saving initiative.”

For more information on how you can help with this and other important health projects for our community, contact Talene Shabanian, Foundation Coordinator, at (760) 924-4107.

To donate online, visit our Foundation page here.


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