Mammoth Hospital C-Section Rates 3rd Lowest Among California Hospitals

Mammoth Hospital Women's Health
According to a recent article by the Los Angeles Times, Mammoth Hospital had the third lowest C-section rate among low-risk mothers in California.  In 2014, low risk C-section rates ranged from 12% to 70% where Mammoth Hospital’s C-section rate was 14%.

For years, medical experts have said that C-sections were being done too often, yet rates have kept increasing.  That was not the case this year though for California hospitals.  This year the number of C-sections performed was 1000 less than the previous year.

“Although we’re a relatively small hospital, we’re always aware of trying to decrease the amount of C-sections performed here in the Eastern Sierra with our number one goal being a safe and natural childbirth,” says Dr. William White, MD.

“The key to successful, safe deliveries is above all patience.  My job as an ObGyn is to allow for natural vaginal deliveries with a watchful eye,” says Dr. Maxine Karimoto.  “If mom and baby are doing well, then interventions are usually not necessary.  Outcomes often improve; including avoiding unnecessary cesarean sections, when we employ a less is more philosophy.”

Read the full article from the Los Angeles Times here.

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