Adopt a Room

Adopt a Room

Meeting Increasing Demand 

Mammoth Hospital is the only hospital and multi-specialty clinic in Mono County.  As our residential and tourist populations grow, so does the need for services provided here.  Which is why we are initiating our Adopt a Room program to support the expansion of both the Dental and Specialty Clinics.  

Currently, the two clinics operate side-by-side in limited space.  The Dental Clinic expansion will double the size of the current Dental Clinic, allowing Mammoth Hospital to recruit another Dentist and greatly improve access to dental care in our community.  Constructing a new Specialty clinic will increase the number of visits existing specialist (like urology, dermatology, otolaryngoloy, and cardiology) can see, but it will also allow for us to recruit new specialties (like neurology) to our clinic.    

Read the Adopt a Room Proposal  to see the clinic plans and learn more about the project and how to support it!

Specialty Clinic Facade